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The Opens @ 870 - "Friday Night Lights"

What is the Open?

The CrossFit Games Open is an annual 5 week event that is the first stage of the qualification for the CrossFit Games.  Every week a new workout is released on Thursday and each registered athlete will have 4 days to complete the workout and submit your score online.  You will then be ranked regionally and globally.  There are several different divisions this year - RX, Scaled, and a few masters divisions each with their own details.  Click here for more info.

The dates - 
15.1: Feb 26th- March 2nd* 
FNL @ 870- Feb 27th
15.2: March 5th-9th*
FNL @ 870 - March 6th
15.3: March 12th-16th*
FNL @ 870 - March 13th
15.4: March 19th-23rd*
FNL @ 870 - March 20th
15.5: March 26th-30th*
FNL @ 870 - March 27th

*We will validate and judge your Open workout sessions, but you are responsible for getting your score put into the computer.  Chris will only be checking the computer once this year as it has become a very time consuming task to check on each and every person that does it in the gym and may or may not submit their score on time.

How do I register?

Click here to register.  Select CrossFit 870 when asked to pick a team.

How will The Open run at 870?

1.  There will be a new workout released every Thursday night on the games site.  The first will be released on Feb. 26th.  

2.  The workout will be programmed as the WOD on Fridays for the classes.   For those of you wanting to do them twice, we recommend you do it Friday and Monday to give your body the rest it might need between efforts.  And this does depend on what the workout requires......

Can I still come to Friday Night Lights even if I don't register.

Of course.  Just make sure you register as an attendee for class.  For all of the workouts we will be able to adjust them to fit your current fitness level like always.  This year there is also a scaled division...

What happens if I can't make Friday Night Lights?

Well, if you are travelling out of town and want to do it at another affiliate you may do so.  I'd email or ask them in advance if you can participate in what they have or maybe see about them judging you individually.  

If you are in town and have prior engagements, you need to see about a group class time that might work for you and contact one of the coaches.  Ideally, if would be phenomenal to get everyone that registers to do it Friday during an assigned heat so that we could get the coaches to judge but also allow them time to warm up and participate.  

So, it'll be on an individual basis that you will have time to "repeat" the WOD or make it up with a judge watching you. 

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